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June 28, 2011

Fun with Jingles!

by Casserole Queens

Ready to have some fun with jingles? We are!

The other day our dear friend Laura Graf sent us a note saying she was feeling creative (and possibly a little bored!) and wanted to write us a jingle. She came up with three very unique ideas, but we need your help in deciding which one to choose. We will be collecting votes all this week and next, and will close the polls on July 8th. The winning jingle will get placed on our website, and who knows – maybe we will even make a video!

To learn more about our little songstress, check out Laura at

Jingle #1 (Performed to the tune of “Love for Sale”)

Jingle #2  (Performed to the tune of “Put Your Head on my Shoulder” )

Jingle #3 (Performed to the tune of “I Love Rock-n-Roll”)

January 8, 2011

And the winners are….

by Crystal Cook

Wow, what an extremely tight race. With 41.05% of the votes, Ben and his lady sweater just barely took the top prize from the  Napolillo’s at 38.42%! We sure are glad that we have not just one copy of the Throwdown book, but two! Congrats to you both – and thanks to everyone who sent submissions and/or voted  for our first-ever Tacky Sweater Contest. Contests are fun!

Until next time,

Crystal and Sandy

January 3, 2011

Vote for the Best of the Worst! Tacky Sweater Finalist!

by Crystal Cook

We have narrowed it down to our top 5 entries, but we need your help picking the winners! We will be taking your votes all this week, and will announce the two winners on Saturday 1/8/2011.

Pick your favorite and vote at the bottom of the post!

Happy voting!


#1 – It takes a real man to wear a ladies sweater vest in public! Go Ben Go!


#2 – Meghan and her friends make tacky look good!


#3 – Watch out Cristina – those lights may catch your hair on fire!


#4 – The Napolillo family goes on an X-mas tree hunt! (Yes, that is a saw in his hand!)


#5 – Amy and Scott take the contest to another level by adding hats! Where does one even find a Frosty the Snowman Hat?


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November 4, 2010

You know what rhymes with Halloween?

by Crystal Cook

Casserole Queen! Yep, that’s  right—the Queens love themselves some Halloween! This year we challenged our customers to submit their best Halloween pics to receive a free casserole! The winner is the Sanchez family! Michael Anthony and Jayden’s downright scary portrayal of Chucky and his Bride earned the top prize, but check out all these delightful entries. It didn’t seem right to just pick one!

WINNERS! Chucky and his bride! Chucky—Michael Anthony Sanchez-age 9, Bride—Jayden Sanchez-age 7

Zombie hottie Kristy Gregg and Super Mario—but wait! Look closer. Yep, that is Jack Black! The Queens blog has only been live for two days and we already have an A-list celeb posting! Thanks Kristy!

Sarah Wolf and her dog Rufus are just too cute for words! Photo by Annie Ray, check her work out at

Zombie beauties Kim Dolmanet and Allison Turrell at the Zombie Ball in Austin, TX!

Little Jack C. Baker as Count Drool-cula!


Mom to be Mieke left us...well um...speechless.

Kim & Vince all dressed up in 20s fashion—a flapper & a gangster.

Meghan dressed up as Super Woman.... well she is pretty super!

Here is a creative group costume from the De Los Santos clan! Little Leo as the fearless firefighter, and his trusty sidekick the dalmatian, and his ladder!

We see you Ella Kate! Ella Kate Brotman hiding behind her jack-o-lantern.

Anna Hammond says: Look Ma! I caught a bat! Can we keep it?

Is that little Charlie Lee in that pink poodle suit?

Here is 2-year old Ivy Tully doing her part to Keep Austin Weird!

Clifford Walker submitted this photo of his wife's (Bobbe Walker) super cool Musketeer costume!

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